As a media entrepreneur I have followed a number of blogs for several years.

My thoughts on the articles I particularly relate to  are  here

  • The Irony Of Employability by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin07/12/2013)
    Hi Kaila, I have been getting into the philosophy of the late Alan Watts lately and think that this 3 minute video “What if money was no object” is very relevant to what your driving at with this article. Mike
  • Google’s Project Loon: Internet For Everyone by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin06/20/2013)
    That is so far out of left-field, I like it! Look forward to learning more about how the network provides consistent coverage over a given area.
  • Ad Or Content: Why Are Advertisers Asking This Question? by Atul Patel (Video Insider03/20/2013)
    ” Each branded content producer is a master chef, creating a balance between the bitter and sweet of branding and content in just the right way to make it palatable for the consumer. But branded content requires direct relationships between brands and content creators, this makes it difficult to scale the creation process beyond a relatively small number of videos. So the business model for branded content is better suited to the “one to many” model of traditional media content (1 video to many views) than the “many to many” model enabled by the internet. Perhaps this is why YouTube’s recently began to move away from it’s long-tail of UGC to create 100 niche channels similar to Cable TV”.
  • Google Sits, Oblivious, On The Most Valuable Social Network Of All by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider03/04/2013)
    Another spot on article Ash. Ive been asking for years whether at its core YouTube is a video search engine or a social network. I think it has been the former because of its owners roots but that its future is the later as per your article…
  • What’s A YouTube View Really Worth? by Richard Spalding (Video Insider01/02/2013)
    Really like the EPM metric. Keep us posted on how it progresses.
  • What Brands And Startups Can Learn From Second Life by Joseph Jaffe (Online Spin11/29/2012)
    Great article. Jaffe, expect an email follow up in your inbox. “brands don’t be turned off startups’ lack of reach. In fact, this should turn you on”! Totally agree. Brands have to opportunity to act as angels / VCs / incubators for media startups and if they find the right fit then brands ca almost guarantee ROI either as investors or advertisers…
  • Cracking Into Video’s Cost Structures by Rich Routman (Video Insider09/13/2012)
    online allows us to target individual customers one at a time. Eventually we should be able to price accordingly. EG a skating related 30 second spot might be worth: $10 cpm – to general public $50 cpm to a skater $100 cpm to a skater who has just posted his own skate video on YouTube
  • Is YouTube Becoming More Like Facebook? by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider09/11/2012)
    Ash, Do you think branded content to contribute to a business model for YT and / or FB?
  • Australia May Regulate Social Media Content by Erik Sass (The Social Graf08/10/2012)
    Australians are often typecast as Drunk, Dumb and Racist most Australians I know are not like this. While I might agree with the moral stand point on this issue I am not sure that it is our governments job to police what people say on FB. Posting something on FB is very different from getting in someones face and forcing your racial hatred down their throat. If I don’t like what someone has to say on FB I simply don’t read it…
  • Judge: ‘Sponsored Stories’ Settlement Raises Concerns by Wendy Davis (Online Media Daily08/02/2012)
    @Jamil I totally Agree except for one small detail. Strictly from a users perspective, if a user want to leave fb and go for another soc net, they would need to be able to export all their posts, pics, videos etc in just a few clicks in the same way that I can withdraw all my funds from bank X and transfer them to bank Y if I am unhappy about their policies. Without this ability there is a degree of lock in which makes your point (which again, I totally agree with) somewhat mute 😦
  • What Is Premium? High Completion Rates! by (Video Insider08/02/2012)
    Ujjal, I really like the point you are trying to make! Between 2005 and 2007 I set up a test with this exact line of thinking in mind. I wanted to establish whether or not my company had “The Ultimate in premium content” so decided to see how many hoops people would jump through in order to gain access to our content?? (Our company shares peoples first time skydiving videos with their family and friends). The test: In order to access the video each viewer had to sit through 2 x 15 second pre-rolls, THEN fill out their first name, last name, email, age, sex, region and their relationship to the customer in the video. The result: We shared 40,000 videos and over 700,000 viewers jumped though all of our hoops to watch! (17.5 individual viewers per video was pretty good back before social networks became popular).
  • A Contrarian Take On Marissa Mayer’s Future At Yahoo by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider07/23/2012)
    Really good article. Interesting to see what happens…
  • The Chasm Between Vcs And Content Companies Is About To Get Larger by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider07/16/2012)
    Media companies look to build media businesses. VCs look to flip them…
  • How to Fix The Digital NewFronts by Rich Routman (Video Insider06/28/2012)
    I was soooo close to flying over from Sydney for the event. Glad I didn’t. Maybe next year….
  • What Brands Are Missing In Facebook Video by Rich Routman (Video Insider06/19/2012)
    Agreed, banded content is the way forward for publishers. Agreed. It doesn’t work without respecting the audience. One of the best ways to do this is for content creators to not only look for brands that are “a good fit” with their content, but also go one step further and identify ways in which specific brands can add value to the relationship that the content has with the consumer.
  • Meeker: Radical Shift Need To Monetize Mobile by Diane Mermigas (On Media06/05/2012)
    Awesome. In your face stuff… “may you live in interesting times”…
  • Reminder: Online Video Is The Afghanistan Of Media Industry by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan(Video Insider05/28/2012)
    Don’t forget the countless small Privately funded start-ups that mus have come and gone in the last decade also. Not not mention those of us who are still out there fighting in hidden niche’s of one form or another. 😉
  • Does Branding Need To Be Rebranded? by Matt Straz (Online Spin05/14/2012)
    Dyson is saying “we are only as good as our last product” and in this sense he is right. The Dyson brand has been built up over decades of great product and word of mouth and is is already identified with great products so in his case maybe he doesn’t need to believe in branding. It doesn’t necessarily follow that branding is defunct. Like so many discussions on this topic, it all comes down to AG Lafley’s “moments of truth”. The first moment of truth being the moment when a consumer chooses your product off the shelf instead of a competitors, based on hte promises that you have made as a brand in your advertising. The second moment of truth being the moment they take said product home and use it. If it does not fulfill the promises made by the brand then ultimately the brand will fail. Focusing solely on the second moment of truth is all well and good for established brands like Dyson, but I doubt that such a strategy would work for a start-up competitor in the same industry. Such a competitor would need to fulfill the second moment of truth to be sure, but with no focus on the first moment of truth, why what reason would anyone have to try their products in the first place…?
  • What To Do When You Hit A Brick Wall by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin05/11/2012)
    If all else fails, wait, and hope that you are still around when the wall starts to move of its own momentum. Then, as an expert on the particular wall, you may have the opportunity to move with it as a wall consultant.
  • The Birth Of An Idea by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin05/04/2012)
    Walt Disney, one of the best creative minds of last century had a special technique for realizing ideas based on a 3 stage iteration process, each requiring a very different focus. This may be helpful for anyone trying to do the same…
  • The Definition Of An Entrepreneur by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin04/27/2012)
    Wow Kaila, that is a really cool article and a great tribute to the entrepreneurs! Not to contradict the notion that “the entrepreneur is the one that without whom the endeavor would not happen” but in my experience as an entrepreneur it is also “the person who is first to stand up and believe in the entrepreneur who is the one that without whom the endeavor would not happen”. Remember a really entertaining video which highlights this fact. What do you think?
  • Don’t Demonize The Brands by Jay Miletsky (Video Insider04/17/2012)
    “This video brought to you by brand X” needs to mean more than “this random ad has been slapped in front of your content by an algorithm so that we the network can pay our bills and our advertisers can grab your attention”. Producers want to create content, networks want to share content, consumers want access to content and advertisers want to fund that process in exchange for the opportunity to sell their products. Everyone in the relationship is participating in a value exchange and no one (advertiser OR consumer) can abuse this for to long before that relationship breaks down. New disruptive media / technology companies can grow their user base by offering content for free (paid for by deep pockets of VCs or other) for a finite period of time, but the downside is that this establishes a false expectations on the part of the consumer of getting “something for nothing”. Basic economics tells us that this cant last. At the end of the day a new business model needs is required. Ideally one that facilitates a more meaningful exchange between the 4 parties. Consumer, producer, network and advertiser. Don’t just disrupt, improve….
  • Entering the Era Of Social Ennui by David Berkowitz (Social Media Insider04/17/2012)
    Having access to information whenever an wherever you want it is in and of in itself only a good thing. How we use or abuse this access is up to us as individuals. As with food, we can over eat. As with drugs, we can overdose. But most people do neither. As will all things in life, balance seems to be the key. There has never been a better time to practice Yoga 😉
  • The Past & Future Of Sports In Video by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin02/08/2012)
    Cory, I have been following your posts for many years. They are often relevant to me as an online video entrepreneur but this post is particularly relevant because in 2001 video was the key vehicle which allowed my sky-surfing team to deliver on the most successful sponsorship in Australian Skydiving history. It was my experience as part of a self managed sponsored team that sparked the entrepreneur in me to create an online video company, RealXstream, to extend the niche audience for skydiving from the ten’s of thousands of sport skydivers, first to the millions of people who try this themselves for the first time and then to their social networks. We do this by sharing their first time experience around the world as quickly as possible through online video. After each customer video we then aim to present the best of skydiving from around the world. In this way we can use the long-tail to develop an audience for professional content from the head and at the same time we use the professional content to market to more first timers. A few years ahead of our time, we have had our share of ups and downs, but it seems that with 2012 being the year of online video that 10 years of work is finally going to come to fruition.
  • 2012: The Year Of The (Video) Dragon by Adam Singolda (Video Insider02/01/2012)
    Fingers crossed 2012 will see a big push from brands looking to take advantage of the maturing video space. As an online video entrepreneur I opened my first business plan in 2004 with the quote “In the very near future Internet TV will create an infinite number of channels with widely varying content. No one will stop surfing long enough to watch even the most interesting commercial. How will advertisers reach people in this diverse new climate? Only through identifying specific target markets and presenting the utmost In quality content will advertisers be able to attract and retain peoples attention and interest for even a few short seconds” 8 years and several iterations later I cant help but feel that our time has finally come…
  • Please Don’t Let Comical Product Placement Stop by David Goetzl (TVBlog01/19/2012)
    Second only to Mike Myers, Wayne’s World hilarious product placement skit
  • Online Video’s Manifest Destiny by Rob Manoff (Video Insider01/10/2012)
    In terms of “manifest destiny” we also have an obligation to discover the best possible business models to support the online video ecosystem and deliver the utmost value for users, content creators, networks and advertisers.
  • The Chosen Media by David Berkowitz (Social Media Insider01/17/2012)
  • Are We Witnessing Hulu Pivot Before Our Eyes? by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider01/16/2012)
    Doubtless Hulu’s future is at greater risk since YouTube’s recent foray into content investments.
  • Aussies Bring Live Social Video to U.S. by Erik Sass (The Social Graf12/12/2011)
    Great to see Aussie start-ups making news on the International scene 😉 Good luck Kondoot!
  • Soon, Everything Will Be Caught On Camera by Dave Morgan (Online Spin12/01/2011)
    It is not all doom and gloom. Camera’s everywhere also prove to be a great equalizer between the individual and the state. When asked to move from a McDonald’s drive in window to a nearby park space where drive in customers have to wait for custom orders, police sitting in the car park at the time busted him for driving without his seat-belt on (after taking it off to get to his wallet at the drive in). These cops attitudes and demeanor were really out of line. Until that is, I pulled out my video camera and started filming, at which point they became considerable more polite, reasonable and community minded. Camera’s can be very powerful tools….
  • Get On The Music Boat by Bryan Boettger (Video Insider11/30/2011)
    The right music can make or break a particular video. And for Brands is helps create emotion and establish a connection with consumers. My company spent weeks trawling for a wide range of tunes for the long-tail reality TV tandem skydiving videos that we produce and share for skydiving businesses and their customers around the world. Each video is identical in format but different because each customer is unique. We had to approach music artists individually and request permission to use their soundtrack before we could get up and running. It took time but it was worth it! Now we provide the soundtrack to some of the most intense moments of our customers lives. 🙂 Wish Soundtrack Records were around 2 years ago…
  • Does Exclusive Content Matter? by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider11/28/2011)
    What does this mean for verticals (niche verticals in particular) that can produce and distribute content directly to the viewer? I think all they would need is a willing adventurous advertiser to bring the 4 ingredients for online videos success together in one place…?
  • Does Exclusive Content Matter? by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider11/28/2011)
    Ash, What does this mean for verticals (niche verticals in particular) that can produce and distribute content directly to the viewer? I think all they would need is a willing adventurous advertiser to bring the 4 ingredients for online videos success together in one place…?
  • 10 Things This Video Entrepreneur Is Grateful For by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider11/23/2011)
    I see the changes is media that we are experiencing as history in the making and am grateful for the opportunity to participate in that change as it happens
  • Fun Client Conversations – Or, Nobody Likes To Be First by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin11/22/2011)
    Hilarious! That’s the main problem my company has been having for several years… Appreciate that the “no one ever got fired for buying IBM” mentality applies to all sectors including brand marketing, but still, one would hope that advertisers are empowered with enough creative licence to at least be open to talking about new ideas.
  • Content Beats Targeting — ‘Nuff Said by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin11/09/2011)
    Ha Ha… Tell it like it is Corey!! No arguments here….
  • Transform Your Owned Media Into A Content Network by Paul Kontonis (Video Insider11/08/2011)
    This line of thinking presents opportunities for great creative branding if & when brands are ready
  • I’m A Mentor, You’re A Mentor — We All Need One by Adam Singolda (Video Insider11/01/2011)
    On the relationship between mentoring & being mentored, I believe that it is s cycle. IE “learning helps you to teach and teaching helps you to learn”. As an International skydiving coach I have mentored countless people over 15 years on the finer points of that particular discipline. In order to do that of-course I first had to seek mentor-ship from my peers within that industry. Having come full circle in one discipline it has since been my pleasure to become the student once again, this time as an entrepreneur seeking mentor-ship from successful people in traditional and new media. Perhaps the biggest difference I see as a mature student of my chosen discipline is that I am increasingly prepared to receive advice, better equipped to make sense of it and ultimately better prepared to then share it share it with others. So perhaps with experience the cycle of being mentored and mentoring gets faster as we do more of it…?
  • ESPN And Samsung Co-Develop Digital Series by David Goetzl (TVBlog10/27/2011)
    Love hearing about brands getting involved in co-creating content with specific audiences and goals in mind! Keep it coming!! Quote: “The chord to engagement is the notion of co-ownership of a brand, where the brand owner is in part the customer. You get there through this act of co-creation. It occurs when messages and a brand idea triggers associations, metaphors and experiences that are already in the person and creates a richer, personal and relevant meaning. You achieve both a bonding relationship and differentiation from other brands”. DR Joe Plummer chief research officer of the Advertising Research Foundation
  • Extending The View: Moving Beyond The 15-Second Spot by Vincent Lambino (Video Insider10/27/2011)
    Nice post. Delivering value to the user / viewer, sponsoring content in context and not hijacking the content or user experience should all go towards making brands welcome participants in the content that people share and as you say, create a better experience for all concerned. Exciting times ahead… 🙂
  • Magic Moments, And Why Video-On-Demand Is A Lousy Bet by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin10/22/2011)
    VOD isn’t about direct response it is, as you say at the end of your post, about new and unique opportunities for brand advertising. Banners and search have all been direct response, slowly replacing the Yellow Pages for over a decade now. VOD gives the web a chance to compete with TV in terms of sight, sound and motion delivering inspirational and aspirational content. But with VOD you have more creative opportunities to integrate branding and engage viewers in deeper more personal ways because online you can engage with the individual as well as the masses. Thanks for the post…
  • Is Branded Content Salvation for Producers — Or Simply A Mirage? by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider10/17/2011)
    Thanks Ash, you have eloquently illustrated the core problems that my company RealXstream solves.
  • Here’s To The Onliners by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin09/30/2011)
    Surfing is fun! And so what if we fall off every now and again, or if we get smashed and never surface again. 20 years from now we can still look back and say that “we were there” when some of the biggest wave’s of change were breaking along the coast of society and we were riding those waves and not just standing on the beaches watching….
  • There’s Money In Web Video — Here’s How You Get It by Paul Kontonis (Video Insider10/06/2011)
    Thanks Paul, it is tough out here bootstrapping a company from concept to reality and encouraging words from established pro’s like yourself are most welcome. Cheers from Down Under
  • The Pros And Cons Of Building An Audience Outside YouTube by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan(Video Insider09/05/2011)
    <p>Nice article Ash. Q – What would be the best way to reach out to YT if a company wanted to &quot;wave the whit flag&quot; as you say?</p>
  • Disrupt — Or Please Get Out Of The Way by Adam Singolda (Video Insider09/02/2011)
    <p>Ha! Fun article but very true non the less. </p> <p>In 1998 a personal friend, mentor and member of the Australian skydiving team taught me that if you love what you are doing then you will always be better than anyone else. This he said was because no matter how much talent, qualification or money another person has, they will quit before you will if the fundamentally are not enjoying it as much. <br />I went on to become 3 times Australian champion in skydiving myself and start an international business for sharing skydiving videos. <br />Needless to say that I have shared this advice with many athletes and business people since 1997, however for those who have not found what they love I have this to add: <br />Doing what you love is the easy part. Finding what you love is the challenge… </p>
  • Agencies Still Matter To Online Video: Five Reasons Why by Neil Perry (Video Insider08/25/2011)
    <p>In an age of crowd sourced creative, agencies may need to focus more on becoming facilitators and less on being creative’s… </p>
  • U.K. Considers Social Media Ban by Erik Sass (The Social Graf08/11/2011)
    <p>Foolish even to suggest it! 1) to hard to enforce even if you tried. 2) Provides more people with a genuine cause for rebellion… </p>
  • What Monopoly Can Teach Us About The Video Business by William A. Lederer (Video Insider08/05/2011)
    <p>After being an online video entrepreneur since 2004 my company has had its fair share of ups and downs. I like this analogy because makes light of the situation but at the same time it is good advice and pretty close to the truth…</p>
  • The Infinite Moment of Truth by David Berkowitz (Social Media Insider07/26/2011)
    <p>As an entrepreneur I have been a huge fan of this particular philosophy from AG and have taken on as something of a mantra that encapsulates the fundamental truths that a business needs to focus on in order to achieve success. <br />As such, I am not sure I agree at all with the addition of a ZMOT to the original concept. Here is why:<br />AG’s original concept is a binary proposition:<br />FMOT = marketing = you have to sell the promise of your product or brand<br />SMOT = delivery = you have to deliver on what you have promised in your marketing. </p> <p>There are many forms of marketing available today to help businesses achieve the FMOT (Search, social, TV, print, radio, direct mail etc) and while it may be true that search is of an ever increasing importance, search still remains a subset of marketing and hence a subset of the FMOT. It is not a &quot;moment of truth&quot; in and of itself and so it does little to change AG’s original concept of sell the promise and deliver the promise. </p>
  • Million Dollar Valuation — Or Millions-In-Revenue Baby? by Adam Singolda (Video Insider07/01/2011)
    <p>I have found that raising capital at stage 2 (becoming a business) is harder than raising capital at stage 1 (selling the dream) because if you have existing small revenue streams, investors find it hard to see past that smaller picture (existing revenue streams) to the big picture revenue streams) and the real value of what you are going to end up with. <br /></p>
  • Million Dollar Valuation — Or Millions-In-Revenue Baby? by Adam Singolda (Video Insider07/01/2011)
    <p>LOL – I have been a video entrepreneur for 6 years now. Went through stage 1, got part way through stage 3, but then didn’t quite make it (for a number of reasons I wont go into here). <br />Have been muddling along at stage 2 ever since so I can validate the accuracy of the article.Time for a change me thinks…. <br /></p>
  • Innovation Requires Breaking Through Walls, Even for James Cameron by Dave Morgan(Online Spin03/17/2011)
  • Japan Quake Shows the Limits of User-Generate Content by Erik Sass (The Social Graf03/11/2011)
    <p>I was airborne on a flight from LAX to Sydney when it happened. It is a shame that when trying to catch up on video of the event via a Google search that I have trawl through heaps of UGC in order to get to the pro journo perspective that I want to see… Bottom line is that I, like most people, do not have time for that and I want my media packaged, vetted and presented to me in a professorial manner. </p>
  • “Greatest Movie Ever Sold” Sure Hit on Madison Avenue and Beyond by David Goetzl(TVBlog03/10/2011)
    <p>Considering that this guy’s last movie influenced McDonald’s to introduce salads, (a significant change of credo) so it will be interesting to see what changes he catalyzes in the product placement industry. </p>
  • Facebook Now Worth $65 Billion? Sure, Why Not? by Erik Sass (The Social Graf03/04/2011)
    <p>We may be in a bubble and many companies may be ridiculously over valued, but I don think Facebook is one of them. Facebook is tapped into the collective psyche of the planet. You cant put a value on that…. </p>
  • Why I Love Groupon by Dave Morgan (Online Spin02/17/2011)
    <p>Given the lack of barriers to entry, I would have taken the 6 billion. Australia’s Spreets (Groupon clone) Just took 40 mil from yahoo 7. Not bad for a years work. <br /></p>
  • Facebook Ruined Your Marriage? No, You Did by Erik Sass (The Social Graf02/07/2011)
    <p>Many people prefer to blame everyone else for their problems if they don’t have the strength to take responsibility for their own decisions. In this day and age, Facebook is something of a manifestation of &quot;Everyone else&quot;… </p>
  • Egypt Protests Prove Malcolm Gladwell Wrong, Wrong, Wrong by Erik Sass (The Social Graf01/26/2011)
    <p>Blink and Tipping Point were right on the money, but his comments on social medias potential for political and social change seem short sighted at best. </p>
  • Forecast: Trends That Will Shape Online Video by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider12/13/2010)
    <p>Ashkan, Can you elaborate on what &quot;headwinds&quot; you see branded content facing in 2011 please? </p>
  • Mobile Web For Media and Entertainment, Apps For Social Media and Music by Jack Loechner (Research Brief11/04/2010)
    <p>Armed with this data Adobe better hurry up and improve mobile access to .flv video</p>
  • Malcolm Gladwell Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong by Erik Sass (The Social Graf10/05/2010)
    <p>This article is very well timed for me personally becasue I am in the process of trying out an Idea for how Facebook can help address world poverty one connection at a time. <br />As a social media entrepreneur I have spent much of the last 18 months in India working on a start-up business with a software developent team here. <br />I accidentaly took interest in the story of a physically challenged beggar here called Nasim. 27 year old Nasim has a very sad life. I wanted to help Nasim but I struggled with 2 things: <br />1) How could I know that Nasim’s story is true and that he is not infact living a life of luxury as many scpetics of beggrs like to beleive<br />2) There are so many other people here living below the povery line and they all deserve to be helped also.<br />To address the first issue I decided to visit Nasim’s family home and varify his life story personally. The second issue was very simple to solve&gt; &quot;think locally act globally&quot;. You cant save the world but in this particular instance there is no getting away from the fact that you can change the life of this one person</p> <p>and suraoundings. I hope to be able to help Nasim by through social networking and I have the vaguest hope that by doint so, we might start a new trend… <br />The plan is this: Create a Facebook account for nasim, teach him the basics and friend him. Arange to make regular micropayments directly from my bank acount to his via PayPal or some other method. (No middle man, no charity, no administration costs) Encourage but not force Nasim to go to school or to better himself in a way of his choosing. Encourage Nasim to share his life’s progress on FB. <br />Ask social network to add to this fund for Nasim with the hope that my personal connection to Nasim will validate his story in some way. <br />Finally encourage other travellers here that use FB to share their experiences while overseas and that have experienced this level of poverty in person to consider researching another homeless persons life story and consider trying this approach themselves. <br /></p>
  • Why Advertising Is Really NOT Content by Joe Marchese (Online Spin09/28/2010)
    <p>Poorer folks value their money more than their time and richer folks value their time more than they money. As Facebook (aka Timesuck) and other activities consume more and more of peoples busy lives then it stands to reason that those who can afford it will opt out wherever possible, limiting advertisers access to those with high disposable incomes. <br />This is not a question of If but When… </p>
  • Advertising Is NOT Content by Joe Marchese (Online Spin09/21/2010)
    <p>Doen right, content can and ad can truly become one. Example: RedBull AirRace (Or any other RedBull marketing for that matter). </p>
  • Media Planning: Advertisers Must Go ‘Beyond Demographics’ by Wayne Friedman(MediaDailyNews07/02/2010)
    <p>Social media can go way deeper than highly targeted segments. Not only can it treat individual consumers as consumers as INDIVIDUALS. It can go one further It can target and measure One individual consumer with One specific peace of content being viewed at One particular point in time. It stands to reason that the same content has a different value to the same consumer at different points tin time. With social media, consumers actually tell us what they are doing so for example: targeting skaters with skater related content is one thing, but target skaters with skater related content directly after they have skated is a considerably more formidable value valuable proposition for all concerned. (content creator, advertiser / sponsor, and conSumer)</p>
  • Is Web Video Withering While TV Wins The Game? by Dave Morgan (Online Spin07/01/2010)
    <p>Total viewer numbers are not everything. Demographics also play a part in this discussion. The increasing number of TV viewers may come from a low socio-demographic segment of the population and only have a small discretionary budget…? I would guess that this is the case and would add that any gap in discretionary income between TV viewers and online / mobile video viewers would increase over time… maybe… </p>
  • Why Digital Marketing Fails by Joe Marchese (Online Spin02/23/2010)
    <p>Joe, Can you elaborate on this section &quot;You can come up with a plan to create an ideal customer experience within digital, but if you don’t reach people at scale with said experience, the cost will always appear too high. Imagine it cost $1 million to produce a television commercial that you only show to 10 people. It won’t matter one bit how good the commercial is, or how powerful the media experience is; no marketer would be happy with the ROI of that program&quot;. </p> <p>This would represent $100,000.00 per customer experience. (or $100,000,000.00 CPM) Obviosuly ridiculous, though I appreciate the point your trying to make. </p> <p>Just out of interest can you provide more reastic numbers for where you think reasonable ROI might begin in terms of scale for the right powerful media experience… For example: 10 million people for $1 million dollars? </p> <p>As a subscriber of your posts I would really like to hear your guess…</p> <p>Mike<br /></p>
  • For Whom The Video Tolls: Um, Actually, It’s All Of Us by Joe Mandese (Video Insider01/22/2010)
    <p> 1. if you value your time more than your money then trade money in return for your content<br /> 2. If you value your money more than your time, then trade your time in return for your content and several sponsors will pay small amounts each to show you several advertisements that are not specifically relevant your relationship to the content in question, in return for your low engagement in the advertisements in question.<br /> 3. If you value your money and your time then trade some information in the form of your social graph, and and one sponsor can pay a large amount to show you one high contextual, relevant, entertaining and informative ad in return for your high engagement in question.</p> <p>You can choose on the fly based on our current budget of time, money and attention and we the media will be happy to work with you</p> <p></p>
  • Why Advertise At All? by Joe Marchese (Online Spin06/30/2009)
    <p>One of the best examples of brand differentiation in this respect is RedBull. The &quot;No Name&quot; energy drink today is just a good a quality product as RedBull, but RedBull consumers are happy to pay 4X to price for RedBull because they really identify with the brands values. </p> <p>As advertising moves away from one way communication towards 2 way dialog, I expect RedBull will continue to innovate ways to create brand value in a relatively commoditised field. <br /></p>
  • Democratization of Content: It Already Happened! by Steve Robinson (Video Insider04/28/2009)
    <p>Cabel brought us fragmentation with hundreds of channels, bow online video can offer us a infinite number of channels so smaller, niche but increasingly engaged audiences may be what advertisers and media business owners are looking at… </p>
  • YouTube Redesign To Highlight Professional Content by Mark Walsh (Online Media Daily04/16/2009)
    <p>Q: Can we confirm if we are talking &quot;Episodes&quot; and &quot;Movies&quot; or just &quot;clips&quot; thereof..? </p>
  • Must-See Online TV: Kutiman’s Mother of All Mashups by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider03/11/2009)
    <p>Phenomenal, a creative breakthrough and a masterpiece in its own right. Perhaps history in the making, or maybe not, this work certainly show us all what is possible, and begs the question what is yet to come? <br />In a commercial sense, the question: Who will get paid? It will be interesting to se how that rolls out… Catherine, perhaps you could follow up on this for us in due course? </p> <p></p>

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