User Generated Content from the small screen to the big screen?

What happens when User Generated Content moves from the small screen to the big big screen?
In the age of social media and ubiquitous connectivity we’re getting used to seeing ourselves on the small screen, the medium screen, and even on the big screen. Whether it’s on smartphones, tablets or internet connected TVs more and more people are sharing photos and videos of themselves and their lives than ever before.
But what about the really really big big screen..?
For all the promise (and hype) of the participatory culture, User Generated Content and the rise of the amateur creator, our relationship with the really big screen remains that of a passive consumer of content that somebody else has created.
Whether it’s movie theatres, giant billboards or giant giant event screens at sporting or music events, the big big screen has traditionally been the realm of professional content.
But that may be changing, and soon. The new Samsung Galaxy Beam is the first smart phone with a built in projector that allows the user to project whatever is on their small screen up onto any wall or any kind of a big screen.
From a sociologist or a marketers perspective what, if any, are the implications of this..?
Will we soon be sharing video of ourselves publicly on the big screen in the same way that we are starting to share on the little screen?
If so, what format will it take, what type of content will people share? And where (if anywhere) might marketers fit into the picture..?
Given YouTubes relative failure to make user generated content attractive to advertisers on the small and medium size screens, will anything change when people’s real lives become larger than life on the big screen?
For advertisers, will the big screen represent a new opportunity to connect with people as they share their own content?
Or will the same challenges facing UGC on the small screen remain present on the big screen?
We know that to date brands don’t want to be associated with dogs on skateboards, or cats on toilets but I have a feeling that when amateur content creators start sharing content in the presence of our peers in the real world instead of anonymously over the Internet, perhaps we might become a little more discerning of the content that we create as we begin to see ourselves larger than life on the big screen.

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